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now we're into the mid-60s here in town. 59 in fairfax and leesburg. 61 in winchester. there is light rain there on the radar so you need to have your backup plans ready to go. scattered light showers here through the mid and late morning hours. i think we'll have usable dry hours this afternoon before h heavier rains come backonight and through monday and tuesday. >> see you in a few minutes. in the news now police officers in laurel are reaching new heights to help raise money for the special olympics. since 6:00 a.m. yesterday morning officers have been on the rooftop of the dunkin' dots on baltimore i have a in laurel. news 4's derek ward is there live and they're calling this cops and rooftops is the fund-raiser? >> reporter: indeed they are. you can take a look and see these officers are up there. usually when there are police officers on your roof, it's not a good thing. not the case today. they're actually there for a good cause. now at 1:00 p. today will actually mark the 31st hour atop this dunkin' donuts here on route 1 in laurel and they're up
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there for a good cause p. now up there are officers, the originator of this. they did it last year to raise money for the maryland special olympics. again, this is the second year they've done it. weather has been weird. it was in the 90s yesterday. today it's in the 60s and raining. but thatas not dampened their spirits. they're joining me now, dewalt of the laurel police department. you're telling me they're already ahead of where they were this timeast ear. >> yes, we raised $7,000 for special olympics maryland last year and we're close to about $8,000 now. >> reporter: th is the corporal's idea, isn't it? >> corporal beth thomas. i had nothing to do with it other than organizing it. she's been up there are for 27 hours right now and she has up until 1:00 today until she comes down. >> reporter: and they're doing this of their own volition? >> they're doing this of their
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own free will they go up there. they've both been up for 27 hours right now. >> reporter: excellent. such a good cause. there's a couple of kids who have just gotten into that. if you're going to be doing the dunkin' donuts thing today, why not come up to this one and make it a double duty. you get yo coffeend doughnuts and you help out a very good cause. thank you, corporal, for joining us. >> thank you very much. we appreciate it. >> reporter: we want to thank them for what they're doing up there as well. >> thank you vy much for coming out and showing your support. >> reporter: there you go. there you have it. we are live in laurel. back to you. >> thank you. while you're out there, grab some doughnuts. >> reporter: i don't know if they'll make it back to the station. >> thanks a lot. >> reporter: l right. happening today the state of our schools will be dominating the political conversation on "meet the press." d.c. schoo chancellor michelle rhee will join moderator david
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gregory for an exclusive conversation. this is part of nbc's weeklong education nation wich will take an in-depth look at reforming the nation's education system. joining rhee are secretary of education, arnie de duncan, for d.c. city administrator robert bobb and president of the american federation of teachers randi weingarten who has butted heads with rhee in the past. you can watch it here at 10:30. a manassas neighborhood now knows what cause add fire that ripped through theircommunity. on thursday flames jumped from house to house on tillett loop destroying three homes and damaged five othe. darcy spencer got reaction from neighbors after they learned what sparked that fire. >> reporter: fire investigators have determined the blaze that destroyedhree homes in manassas on thursday was caused by a resident who threw a cigarette butt in a potted plant on his deck. >> potting soil is not dirt. potting soil is organic material. the mulch that is in these
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potted plants sometimes is shredded timber. >reporter: the fire marshal says the blaze in the sumner lake community spread from the potted plant to the deck to the nyl siding a then to adjacent homes. 's been ruled an accident. the fire marshal says the smoker, whose house was among those destroyed, had been discarding cigarette butts this way for some time. >> there was a small breeze at five to ten miles an hour that was flowing in that direction. and it probably fanned that. the way the fire started probably smoldered for a while. >> reporter:many residents learned of the fe marshal's findings at a press conference. >> i'm gladt wasn't arson or somebody throwing a firebomb or somebody doing something malicious. so in my heart, i am real leaved. >> reporter: some residents question the fire department's four minute response time and whether water supply and pressure were issues in battling the blaze.
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some heaped praise on firefighters who prevented it from spreading further. >> they are saying that byhe time they got here, which was pretty quick, the three homes that were already on fire so they contained it to those three homes. so i think ey did a pretty good job. >> reporter: fire officials say they hope the devastation here is a reminder to be safe and to be responsible withmoking material. the best way to put out a cigarette is in an ashtray or metal container. in manassas, darcy spencer, news 4 today. ♪ amazing grace >> in lorton, virginia, a community is mourning the lo of a mother and her two young children killed in a townhouse fire. neighbors held a candlelight vigil for she and her so, solomon and alfonso. they died of smoke inhalation and burns after their home caught fire on wednesday. the children were 3 and 5 years old. their gndmother said she appreciated the community
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support. >> i have lived here for three years and haven't even seen this many people. for all of them to come out of their doors and support us not even knowing who we are, i am really, really loving it. i just thank god tt all of them. >> investigators are trying to determine what started the fire. three other children and a man escaped from the burning townhouse a congregation near atlanta is anxiousl awaiting word from their bishop this morning, expected to address allegations that he lured four young men into sexual relationships. this is videoof h 8:00 service an hour ago near atlanta. it does not show the bishop's arrival on stage. lauits by four men claim lang pushed them into sexual relationships using the promise of lavish gifts including cars and gifts and travel. e bishop has denied the allegations against him. still ahead, albert
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haynesworth is breaking his silence. you won' believe what he's saying. plus, investigators trying to figure out if one person with a grudge triggered a major scare on an international flight. and a virginia teen will not be returning to the water anytime soop. hear what he says about a run-in [ mom ] my son ryan didn't know his voulez-vous
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a virginia beach teenager lucky to be alive after being attacked by a shark while he was surfing. caleb and his buddies were hanging out at sand bridge beach when he felt something brush up agnst him and then clamp down on his leftleg. his friends helped pull him to safety and now he's got 51 stitches and one amazing story. >> i can't even see the cuts because i just see blood kind of pouring down my leg. i was just hoping that i wasn't
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going to lose a leg or just not be able to move my leg ever again. i feel real lucky that i can still move my leg. >> officials still rig to figure out exactly what type of shark attacked caleb. they took his surfboard to analyze the bite marks. an international flight arrived at its finalestination after an unexpected stop. it had t make an emergency landing after a bomb threat. the plane arrived in pakistan early thisorning but not before touching down in sweden. it left from canada originly. a woman called canadian police after it had taken off and said a man was onboard with explosives now police are investigating whether someone with a grudge against the man onboard called in the threat. the plane was searched and nothing was found. 9:11 right now. chuck is here with what's coming up in weather. a little cloudiness and wetness as well to get your sunday started. how long will it really all last? the detailed che of the forecast coming right up. think about the internet.
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and welcome bac i'm news 4 meteorologist chuck bell. looking live over downtown washington on a cloudy sunday morning here. thank goodness for the clouds, though. that meansur temperatures today are going to, believe it or not, stay out of the 90s. that's good news. yesterday we topped out at 93 and on friday we were 99 degrees. today we'll be lucky if we get anywhere over about 75. so there you go. a cloudy start and a little bit of a wet start out there as well. i just did the old parking lot check here at nbc 4 in northwest washington and we've had just ough rain drops to get the sidewalk wet but we have not had enough rain yet to make a puddle. a little dampness on your sunday morning, light rain falling down at ronald reagan national airport as well. the temperatures and the dew points were more than 20 degrees apart at 5:00 this morning.
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now the temperature a the dew point only ten degrees apart. as this light rain continues to fall down into the atmosphere it's taking the temperature down and the dew point up. so eventually those two numbers will be very close to each other and we'll have a saturated atmosphere and that's when the real rain can can get started. for now, thoh, just light spits and drizzle. 61 in manassas. 59 in sterling, havevirginia. 61 in frederick, maryland. a look at live local doppler. the steadiest of th light rain showers now through central parts of montgomery county, germantown, gthersburg, western parts of howard county as well. then just really light coverage down across parts of southern virginia, charles county getting a little bit of rain but i checked the observations. not any single place has reported more than .02 of an inchf rain so far. more rain across southern parts of virginia a down into the carolinas. that is all marching in our direction so rain will be a big part of the forecast but i think the eadier, heavier rains
9:17 am
really still are notexpecting those until after the sun goes down today. but in the meantime the clouds are in place and these light patches of drizzle and light rain are going to continue here through this morning. that will eventually bring an abundance of rain our way. by the time the last rain drops fall, one to two ches around the metro area. just down to our south and west, southern virginia, three to four inches of rain the next couple of days. so it's going to be a nice soaking rainfall event for us as that air qua of low pressure comes right up the eastern seaboard. so for your forecast today, oudy skies, passing light showers this morning. steadier rains tonight. highs today in the 70s. tomorrow another day in the upper 60s and low 70s with quite a bit of rain around tomorrow especially tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night. might even have to worry about a strong thunderstorm coming up on tuesday with a high of 80 degrees and then we dry things out and get nice, quiet weather pattern again by the end of the week.
9:18 am
for now expect some rain drops on your sunday. >> we got the word. thanks a lot, chuck. today kids can get a hands-on chance to build something and do some good a the same time. >> reporter: this week on "kids post" toys that stak, chewy gum fat. joining us is tracy from "washington post." good morning to you. >> great to be here, eun. >> reporter: an eventhat is not only fun but makes you feel good about yourself. talking about building block blitz. what's that all about? >> this is a wonderful event that is today from 1:00 to 3:00 at montgomery mall and it is legos, kids can play with legos, help build a hse, and it benefits habitat for humanity. so there's a $25 donation to participate. but kids can have fun, can build with legos and you know it's going for a good cause. >> reporter: and building
9:19 am
community effort at a young age. we're talking about cirque de soleil. we're usually not talking about a kid friendly show but this is different. >> this is wonderful. a rare opportunity. it's called ovo which means egg and is all about bugs. you have amazing spiders. you have ants twirling kiwi and fleaon slack wires. it's really fun, very kid friendly. it's at national harbor. and it's a once-in-a-lifetime great family event and we talk about how th put it together in tuesday's "kids post." >> reporter: very. a little behind-the-scenes. now a question you probably never asked but who invented chewing gum? and why. >> this is just amazing. we had no idea. chewing gum dates back to ancient times. s scientists, archaeologists uncovered 5,000-yeaold chewing
9:20 am
gum. the maans used chewing gum. they used natural gum from the roots of tree and we are marking this because of chewing fw gum day. don'get caught in school. >> reporter: i received detention in fourth grade. true confession. my mom was very upset. tracy grant, thanks so much. and for some more family fun activities, just visit or and ick on kids post and that is kids post on tv this week. >> thank you. albert haynesworth breaks his silence. hakem dermish has this morning's sports. good morning, everyone. freshman quarterbacks usually ld a clipboard on the sideline. but not maryland's danny o'brien. yesterday the redshirt freshman made his first career start against florida international. the kidas stellar.
9:21 am
but it's no surpre. two weeks ago playing in a backup role o'brien threw three first half touchdowns. yesterday o'brien got the nod because arter jamar robinson was out with a shoulder injury. in college park, seconduarter, danny o'brien and the terps trailed 7-0. here they come working ouof the shotgun. o'brien throws to the corner of the end zone. williams, are you kidding me? gets the foot down, makes the grab. great catch. terrapins tied at 7-7. o'brien is the first freshman to start at qb for maryland in 11 years. ensuing panthers possessn, punting it away to tony logan. this guy is good. fields it at the 15 yard line. tony logan is also a speedy fellow, getsy everyone. and tony logan is going to score. 85-yard punt return for the touchdown. maryland takes a 14-7 lead just like that. and terps' starting qb robinson on the sideline hurt his
9:22 am
shoulder last week. third quarter, game knotted at 21-21. o'brien and the terps up top and deep for torre smith. a 68-yard scoring strike. o'brien threw for 250 yards, two tds and no interceptions. also running back scott had two tds on 103 yards rushi. maryland beat fiu 42-28 improving to 3-1. virginia tech opening up conference play against boston college. the hokies defense went to work. first quarter, no score. bc in the red zone. under pressure throws but it's the big interception. that's impssive. ensuing hokies possession. taylor, just smooth here. drops back. plenty of time. finding somebody. looking for somebody. rolls right. tosses it to darren evs. scoots down the sideline. 30-yard gainer. evans would score on the very next play giving virginia tech a 7-0 lead. hokies defensive coordinator
9:23 am
foster, looking like a mad man on the sideline. hey, hey, watch the qb here. 15 secds to play first half. fist and goal for the eagles. runs out of the pocket trying to get it to the end zone. morgan, number two on the tackle. d short of the goal line and the clock expires so that's it. end of the half. frank beamer and the hokies blanked bosn college 19-0, their first shutout since 2006. the hokies are now 2-2. let's go to charlottesville. mike london and the virginia military institute. first quarter, no score. cavs on offense. dontrelle inman. watch this d. makes some moves and he's in for a 25-yard score. uva in front, 7-0. threw three touchdowns. later game tied at 7-7. vmi kicking it off to reynard horn. he's also a talented young man.
9:24 am
tas it at the 13 yard line. finds some running room. and i would say that this is an abundance of running on the play 87 yards for the score. the cavs win big, 48-7. uva is unbeaten at home. next up florida state seminoles. redskins defensive tackle albert haynesworth expects to play today against the rams after being inactive last week. haynesworth has been a topic of conversation for all of the wrong reasons. yesterday he added more to the discussion. here's haynesworth talking about his contract on the rock show on 106.7 the fan. >> i guess a lot of people don't have backbon. just because someone pays you money doesn't mean they can make you do whatever they want or whatever, you know? it means everything is for sale? i'm not for sale. yeah, i signed a contract and i paid a lot of money, but just
9:25 am
because that don't mean i'm f sale or a slave or whatever. you know? i mean, like we agreed upon come to that that i would play defensive tackle and not nose guard and all of this other uff. signing with a 4-3 team. there were a lot of promises and stuff like that. now, i mean, it has been better. we run a lot of 4-3 stuff and you'll see that tomorrow. >> that'sll for your morning sports. i'm hakem dermish. have a great day. 9:25. ahead this morning we kick off our education nation we with a look at a very unique d.c. school that's challenging students from the second they step inside the classroom. and it will tire you out just watching it. why are these people pulling a plane?
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meet michelle, d.c.'s school chancellor michelle re is preparing for a fiery debate on education reform that is now just an hour away. good morning. welcome back to ne 4 today on this sunday, september 26th. i'm aaron gilchrist. kimberly is off today. before we get to our headlines, chuck bell is on. kimberly is a little sick. >i'm on top of it. i have the forecast for the things people are going to want to perhaps get out and do today. a lot of people havetickets to games that they would like to know if that's going to be a mess to go to the games today or not a mess. i think the mes will be able to be played without interruption. temperatures back down into the upper 50s and low 60s across the western suburbs now. mid-60s around town. a little bit of light rain out there this morning. it it hasn't added up too much.
9:30 am
it's enough to get the sidewalks on the wet side. going up to the ravens game in baltimore, kickoff 1:00, a pretty good chance of a passing shower or two. they'll be able to mrap the game and first pitch 1:35 this afternoon. showers possible. i don't think it will be heavy enough for them to call the game. >> thanks, chuck. >> okay. happening today,ublic education in washington, d.c., takes the national stage. school chancelr michelle rhee will be a guest on "meet the press" as part of education nation which will take a look at reforming the nation's education system. joining rhee is arne ncan, be ro earth bobb and president of the american federation of teachers randieingarten who has butted heads with rhee in the past. you can watch it here at 10:30. as part of nbc's education nation eek, we'll be taking a closer look at schools here in
9:31 am
our area. we begin the series this morning by taking you inside one exceptional classroom tha pushes students from day one. kip has schools across the country including here in d.c. and it has become a model for successful alternave to traditional public schools. eun yang shows us why. three, two, one, zero. >> reporter: these kindergartners in southeast are in the class of 2023. that's the first lesson students learn when they enter the high performing charter school system,he year they will go to college. >> who can it tell me what our first rule in this classroom is? elijah? >> no hitting. >> we keep our hands to ourselves. >> reporter: right now the children enjoy singing songs -- ♪ and learning their numbs. >> now i need a friend who can come up and roll the number and
9:32 am
figure out what number you have. >> reporte college seems a lifetime away. but their teacher says it's not too early to start working toward that goal. >> when they get to our school, the bar is set higher. >> reporter: students at kipp spend 40% more time in the classroom than students in other d.c. public schools. the day begins at 8:00 a.m. and ends at 5:00 p.m. students also go to school two to three saturdays each month. on top of that, they attend mandatory summer school to learn rules and procedures like how to ask to go to the bathroom withut disrupting the class and how to transition between activities quickly, quietly and efficiently. >> all that's taken care of in the summer so that when august 27th comes, beginning of september, we're running with the curculum. >> reporter: more than 80% qualify for free lunch yet they outperform their peers in reading by 17% and in math by 32%. >> i'm looking for leaders.
9:33 am
>> reporter: the schools offer individualized attention for children who need support in specific areas. this is the king family. their two eldest daughters graduated from kipp and the younger boys currently attend kipp. erica in ninth grade lagged in reading when she started in fifth ade. >> when we came to ki e team immediately jumped on it, started working with her and she has excelled tremendously. >> reporter: the kings put faith in the rigorous curriculum and strong value system. kipp's credo, work hard, be nice. >> my growth and achievement we up. >> reporter: but not every family who could benef from kipp gets in. kipp receives 4,000 applications for 800 spac. the schools have to select students by lottery. >> it is heartbreaking to have to call 200 familie and say, look, youe on a waiting list. you didn't get picked in the
9:34 am
lottery. i think even more unacceptable to open a school that fails children. >> reporte that's why the chief academic officer jessica cunningham says growth will be slow and deliberate. kipp will contin to focus on one of its top priorities, hiring quality teachers. >> at the end of the day the person in front of those kids has to besmart, has got to be hard work iing, has to be well intentioned. the pressure is on us to make sure that child in that family is able to break the cycle of poverty and change things for his or her family. >> reporter: donnie believes he is seeing that transformation in his classroom every day. >> i love for them to be scholars. walk out of school with a smile, be happy, be kind to people around them, treat everyone well. if you leave my classroom after a year of that, they have done the job. >> eun yang, news 4 washington. >> kipp d.c. received a 5.5 million grant to support the
9:35 am
school's current programs and recruit teachers. you can learn much more about nbc's education nation week by heading to the story is on the home page. a fairfax cnty teenager is in the hospital with life threatening injuries after he was hit by a car last night. this happened around 8:15 at the intersection of pleasant vley road be a smith haven place in centreville. they believe the teen was on the road intentionally when he was hit. the victim's name and age have not been released. police questioned the driver who did stay on the scene after the accident. meanwhile, montgomery county police are looking for a driver who hit a 24ear-old woman and drove off. that happened around 8:15 last night at carroll avenue and 11th avenue. police say the woman was walking when a small car hit her and kept going. she was taken to a local trauma center where she is in very serious condition. police don't have a good description of the car or driver. they are looking at eviden and talking to witnesses to try to gather more information.
9:36 am
d.c. police are looking for suspects in a homicide in southeast washington. police responded to reports of an adult male with gunshot wounds in the 800 block of southern avenue southeast about 3:45 yesterday afternoon. the man was taken to t hospital where he later died. p poli have not releed the man's name because they haven't been able to notify his family. at this point they d't have any suspects in custody but they are talking to witnesses in the building. business owners in a northern virginia strip mall will be surveying the damage today after a fire. take a look at this. it took crews about an hour to get the flames under control in the building on east annandale road in falls church. several businesses including a hair salon, an insurance office, and a market were damaged. no one wa hurt, though. your time now 9:36 you've heard of pulling your weight. well, this is kind of like that. it's pulling a plane. a unique competition at a local airpo airport. we'll tell you who took home the
9:37 am
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this week's "wednesday's child"is a special 12-year-old who is hoping to find a permanent home. ashley is bright and creative and loves to sing. news 4's barbara hrrison helps her do what she loves most. hello. >> reporter: ashley how are you? >> i'm great. >> reporter: i'm so glad to meet you. >> you, too. nbc is awesome. >> reporter:shley told us she likes to sing so we suggested spending time together at bach to rock, a very popular place for kids to take music lessons. good to see you. >> how are you doing? >> reporter: great. i want you to meet ashley. the director of bach to rock welcomed us. >> we're a ready. we have our studio and vocalists. >> reporter: at 12 years old ashley was more than just
9:41 am
excited about being here. have you ever had had voice lessons before? >> no. >> reporter: no? nott all? >> never in my life. >> reporter: ashley said she was ready for her first lesson. carly said they would start with a warm-up. >> well, ashley has been in foster care the last eight years, actually, and she came to fostercare with her siblings due to abuse. she has unfortunately had several moves but is resilient and very energetic, as you can see. she really enjoys singing, dancing, and performance art. >>eporter: ashley proved to be a terrific student. >> she does very well in school. she's a straight 56 student. >> reporter: what do you think you'd like to do when you grow up? >> i would like to do many things. >> reporter: tell me some of them. >> a poet, a dancer, a singer and a lawyer. ♪ >> ashley has had several disruptions in her life.
9:42 am
she is ready. she is committed to finding a family who will love her for who she is. >> i would love to have a family that loved me, cared for me, and will love me for who i am. >> reporter: the folks at bach to rock had surprises for ashley. >> also in here is three months of free lessons with bac can h to rock. >> reporter:ow. congratulations. >> oh, my gosh. thank you. >> reporter: barbara harrison, ne 4 for "wednesday's child." >> had her own little band there. if you have room in your home and art for ashley or any of our wednesday's children call our adoption hotline. 888-2-adopt-me or visit all right. 18 now before the hour. chuck bell is here with a look at our forecast. yes, indeed. a little bit of cloudiness be a rain drops. a little bit ahead of schedule but nothing that's going to make you want to cancel your plans for the day. a detailed check of your potentially soggy forecast coming up. "know the species, know the stain." lanolin-free ct, i know it's an alpaca. walks in he, looks says "hey look, it's llama!" cleaning the stain like he would a llama stain. time he's wasting. ♪ call 1-800-steemer
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a gorgeous day yesterday. perfect for a little outdoor exercise. maybe pulling a plane or something like that. several groups took part in the lles day family festival this weekend. they pulled a 64,000-pound airbus. this was 0 benefit special olympics. the chesapeake sheriff's office from virginia won the competition. they pulled the jet that required 12 feet. under six seconds. >> that's pretty good. >> would have been impressive, too. >> i'm in favor of alternative energy but i think we'll stick with the fossil fuels to get the plane off the ground. >> that's not going to work every time. >> there's only so hard you an pull a 757 or an airbus, a-320. for us not the best flying
9:47 am
weather today. kind of cloudy. low visibility. if you're picking your seats to get on the plane and fly out of town, it won't matter too much. about 20 second, 30 seconds after the plane leaves the airport this afternoon, you won't have a view of the ground at all. you're going to have to fly all the way west of the mississippi river, too, to get much of a view of the ground if you're taking a long trip this afternoon. 66 degrees is our current temperature here in washington. temperatures have been trending downwards the rain drops have been trying to saturate the atmosphere. temperature and dew point only about 11 degrees apart at this point time. earlier thisorning those were more than 20 degrees apart and our humidity wa under 50%. but now the rain drops are moistening up the atmosphere. the atmosphere relatively dry out there so it's eating up a lot of the rain drops before they g all the way t the ground. we haven't had any measurable rainfall at national airport yet. that means less than .01 of an inch so far. that's the case across most of the area this morning. just drizzle out there. 59 degrees at dulles.
9:48 am
64 at andrews air force base. 67 at the naval academy in annapolis. a look at live doppler. had the sprinkles in parts of frederick county and the panhand early this morning. those have drifted away. now the heart of the rain is on the i-95 corridor going north from washingtonowards baltimore and philadelphia, relatively good weather for the ravens/browns game today in baltimore. probably going to have a wet seat but it's not going to rain all that hard during the game. youre head iing down to the nationals and the braves today you will have to contend with some rain drops at times but i don't think it will be enough to halt play d there's a little break in the action down here across parts of central virginia. that break in the action is coming our way for late morning into the early afternoon hours today. the steadier, heavier ran, the industrial strength rains, come in tonight and go through monday and tuesday. so 60s and 70s ahead of the weather front. 40s and 50s behind it. look at that deck of overcast. there's the reason i'm not
9:49 am
opmistic if you're flying westbound you'll have to go all the way west of st. louis before you t much in the way of clear skies. this area of low pressure is going to be making the turn down through the deep south and ming right up the spine of the appalachian mountainand bringing us what could turn out to be several inches of rain. i think anywhere between 1 and 2 inches on average around town but some spots in ctral and southwest virginia cou get three to fourover the next 72 hours. so for us today generally cloudy skies, passing light rain owers for now, steadier rains again coming in after sundown. cooler than yesterday by a tune of about 20 to 25 degrees. and then for your back to work and school day more clouds. a better chance for steady rain tomorrow so you can't find your umbrella today, you'll want to know where it it is before tomorrow and tuesday. tuesday we'rgoing to watch out for a possibility of a stronger thunderstorm. then wednesday, thursday, friday things get quiet as we head into next weekend. >> quiet is nicesometimes. thanks, chuck. well, maybe you didn't stay up last night but snl had one moment a lot of people will
9:50 am
talking about today.
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good morning, washington. coming up, why hasn't barack obama ignited the same hope and beli as president that he did as candidate? are the thems he faces that much tougher than for presidents who were master liticians in office? presidents like reagan and bill clinton. and bob woodward's new book is out. it shows president obama boxed in by the pras when making his decision whether to add troops in afghanistan and eventually agreeing to a compromise search. did he agree to something that was against his instincts? join me, anothnorah o'donnell w is struggling politically. now on "meet the press" here is did gregory. good morning, aaron. live from new york, republicans this week unveiled their pledge to america but will it be enough to convince vors to hand congress back to the gop?
9:55 am
joining me for an exclusive debate chairf the house republican conference mike pence and chair of the democratic congressional mpaign committee representative chris holland of maryland. then we kick off nbc's weeklong education nation. that's why we're he in new york. we'll have secretary of education arne duncan, chancellor of washington, d.c., schools michelle rhee, president of the american federation of teachers randi weingarten and robert bobb of the detroit public school systems coming up on "meet the press." a special edition from new york. thanyou, david. "saturday night live" has a recurring skit of poking fun at new york governor david patterson portraying him as a bumbling blind man. pat the real pattersoerson got reven. take a look. >> stop. stop. >> i kept the budget in balance.
9:56 am
cut $42 billion in the deficit. we have not been passing out any ioous. i'm blind. i'm goveor and i'm still alive. now how mh better do you want me to be? >>he segment ended like it always does. you see and hear the real paterson and the fake paterson unknowingly walk in front of the studio camera there. pretty funny stuff. he has a good snse of humor. >> you can't be governor if you don't have a sense of humor, i suspect. >> they're going to make fun of you. that is it for news 4 today. thanks for spending time with us. wake upomorrow starting at 4:30 a.m. have good sunday. see you next weekend. four years ago, b ehrlich gotfi for good reason. first, he protected tax loopholes for giant cable cable.
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